2013 Haircut trends for long hair

Do you have long hair and want to change your look without resorting to radical change like a pixie or a shor bob cut? Here are a few trendy haircuts and styles for long hair for this 2013 season that are fresh and flattering.

Short hair is saucy and comfortable, but not everyone has the courage to revolutionize their look and want to play it safe, afraid that short hair won’t look good on them, but long and flowing hair is still sexy, glamorous and very feminine and offers numerous and versatile styling options.

The 2013 summer trends see various, but different styles, one of the most interesting is a sort of return to the ‘70s look, with hair that is lightly layered and seems to be messy and very similar to bed hair, but it’s actually styled to look that way, and it’s a complete opposite of the sleek and super straight styles that we’ve seen in these past years which had has us walking around with mini straightening irons in our handbags.

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Another trend this season sees a big return of bangs, and Michelle Obama gave the style a big shot in the arm when she debuted them on her 49th birthday.

There are a number of types bang styles like the blunt cut that looks good with long, straight haircuts, while choppy bangs are for a more casual and slightly messy look or fringed bangs for long and layered hair or a layered fringe either angled or graduated that is perfect always with layered hair.

Volume is back. This once popular style of the late 50’s and early 60′s is seeing a return and we’ve seen models wearing the style during Versace’s fashion shows. This classic vintage look sees teased hair with Bardot style waves and it while it may be slightly eccentric, it will never be boring.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL 2013 Haircut trends for long hair - Photo Gallery

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